Nowadays internet is full of dragon pics and images of talented artists – some make pictures of dragons that look very true to the folklore of different countries, fantasy and progressive artists create magnificent depictions of hybrid mechanical dragons or majestic fictional beasts. We don’t know yet whether dragons existed but they sure look epic.  Dragons depicted in multiple folklores bear similar and dissimilar as well as realistic and unbelievable features.

Dragons of the East. Eastern Dragons are depicted as having no wings. They had long slim body with two pairs of legs and oversized head. Their flying capabilities are not plausible. There is no wingless creature that could fly. Dragon’s talons along with legs are also disproportionate, though it’s possible that such serpent would exist if only talons weren’t so huge. Basically, Oriental dragons could exist but in a different form than we imagined. Eastern dragons would look rather like snakes with tiny legs rather than gorgeous beasts on the dragon pictures.

Scientists argue about means that allow dragons to fly, if they supposedly existed. Some say dragons could have second pair of lung-like organoids that are filled with gas, presumably an inert  mixture of hydrogen and platinum oxide. Well, surely, Chinese dragons could have had those organoids filled with gas and stuff, with limbs only for steering fluidly through air masses. But in reality, it would require much more volume to contain gas, so the possibility of dragon flight is rather implausible. Yet still more space is required for other organs, making this light gas theory is highly improbable.
Another issue is the question of the shape of the body, and its form. Most dragons depicted in dragon pictures from folklore all over the world have two pairs of legs and pair of wings. This creates the question about eastern dragons: shouldn’t they have bigger, stronger legs with bigger muscles? But then as a result we would have a beast that looks like scaled jaguar. A silly picture, don’t you find? Is it actually possible? Well, not quite. Lizard-like creatures are differently shaped than mammals. The classic eastern dragons could have existed but they’d rather look like serpents.
Dragons of the West.

Dragons of the western folklores are envisioned on dragon pictures as big reptiles with two pairs of legs, a pair of wings and strong tail. Heads of these mythical creatures are wedge-shaped, similar to crocodiles and alligators, with sharp carnivore teeth, big horns, spikes and huge amount of other intimidating facial details. By far almost all existing mammals or reptiles have two pairs of limbs – either two pairs of legs or a pair of hands or other grabbing limbs and the pair of legs. The rest of reptiles have no limbs at all. Is it a gigantic insect? Haven’t seen one yet. Are there any birds with arms? I dare say there aren’t. To put it mildly, the question of Norse dragons existing outside Nordic songs and dragon pictures is questionable.

Head shape could suggest its relation to crocodiles. It might make them an evolved crocodile? Researchers believe that primitive forms of life came out of water and began their path of evolution. A creature can evolve for certain, no argument there, but can it evolve so rapidly and drastically – growing two extra limbs that are wings?  Mutation is also a plausible theory, along with dragons being descendent from pteranodons. Still, the sheer existence of these epic creatures remains a mystery for science.